Listado definitivo de personas participantes en 10 o más actividades Just Try It y normas para participar en el sorteo


Listado definitivo de personas participantes

en 10 o más actividades "JUST TRY IT"

y normas  sobre entrega de pasaportes "I DO SPORT"

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Las Torres de Cotillas 12th Activity - Water Games

The sports activities developed by the European project 'Do-U-Sport' in Las Torres de Cotillas concluded on Sunday July 1 with a day of water games in the pools of the 'State Sport Group Las Torres'. "It was the twelfth proposal of this program and proposed numerous recreational activities in the water, such as inflatables, water polo, volleyball, classes, etc., and like all the previous ones, it had free assistance", explains the mayor, Isabel María Zapata.

"It was a very funny proposal, with a great participation especially from our younger neighbours, which also served to show the healthy benefits of exercise in the water," said Councilor for Physical Activity and Sports, Ginés Pérez, whose area coordinated new this activity.

A project that had previously held eleven sports days in the municipality: bioenergetic movement, kite flying, multi-adventure, dance, sports on wheels and racket, street sports, hiking and an urban gymkhana.

Las Torres de Cotillas 11th Activity - Bioenergetic Movement

The municipal field of natural grass of Las Torres de Cotillas hosted on the afternoon of Saturday, June 16, the new free activity in the municipality of the European project 'Do-U-Sport'. "A day on bioenergetic movement for people of all ages was proposed, with activities of yoga, pilates, chi-kung, hatha Flow and dances of the world", explains the mayor, Isabel María Zapata, who visited the participants during the session sporty.

This proposal, the tenth of this European project, was coordinated once again by the Department of Physical Activity and Sports. "The Pilates session was given by Chari Oller, the yoga María José Oliva, the chi-kung Antonia Navarro, the hatha flow Mercedes Martínez and the dances of the world Ginés Martínez", points out the councilor of the area, Ginés Pérez.

This was the tenth activity of this project in which the Torreño City Council collaborates with the municipalities of Tábua (Portugal) and Mielec (Poland), since previously there have been days of kite flying, multi-adventure, dance, sports on wheels and racket, sport on the street, hiking and an urban gymkhana. "We have already set the date of the next, which will be a water festival and will take place next Sunday, July 1 at 11 am in the pool of the center 'State Sport' of our municipality," says Perez.


Las Torres de Cotillas 10th Activity - Traditional Games

 Celebrated on 27th May 2018 at Park of the Constitution (Las Torres de Cotillas)

The proposal of Traditional and Popular Games was the tenth of the project 'Do U Sport' and was again coordinated by the Department of Physical Activity and Sports. "Participants were able to enjoy activities such as making grinders, sack races, elastic, hopscotch, ribbons, throwing olive bone, caliche, petanque ...", says Councilman Ginés Pérez.

"We are very happy because each activity that is organized with this project has great public attendance and this was no exception", explains the mayor Isabel María Zapata, who recalls that nine other activities have already been held within the framework of this project : kite flying, multi-adventure, dance and sports on wheels and racket, an urban gymkhana, a day of sport in the street and another day of hiking.


Listado provisional de personas participantes

en 10 o más actividades Just Try It

Exposición al público desde el 12 al 25 de julio de 2018 en el Tablón de anuncios del Polideportivo, del Ayuntamiento y redes sociales del proyecto.

En ese plazo se podrán presentar alegaciones en la Oficina del Polideportivo en horario de oficina, en el Registro General del Ayuntamiento y por cualquier otro medio legalmente válido.

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Fernandez Dolera Pedro Joaquin
Fernandez Jimenez Emma
Sanchez Dolera Emma
Sanchez Dolera Jose
Dolera Vidal Alicia
Martinez Carrillo Beatriz
Mompean Martinez Noelia
Olmos Fernandez Jesus
Perez Mompean Adrian
Sanchez Dolera Maria
Sanchez Espinosa Francisco Jose
Baño Fernandez Maria
Ferez Sandoval Jorge
Fernandez Jimenez Pedro
Fernandez Martinez Jaime
Gazquez Andreo Isabel Maria
Jimenez Sanchez Encarnacion
Martinez Rios Alvaro
Martinez Rios Sofia
Perez Gazquez Claudia
Perez Gazquez Marta
Soler Fernandez Andrea
Soler Fernandez Paula

4th International Debate (Spain, 06/06/18)

Fourth International Meeting held in Las Torres de Cotillas 6 June 2018.


The European project 'Do U Sport' lived the past Wednesday June 6 in Las Torres de Cotillas an interesting day of debate, which dealt with various municipal sports. In this proposal, which began in January 2017 and will last until next December 2018, Las Torres de Cotillas participates in collaboration with the municipalities of Tábua (Portugal) and Mielec (Poland). This project is part of the 'Erasmus +' program and its main objective is to explore the role of local authorities in the promotion of sport as an activity for all, free of barriers.

"During those days we have had the visit of a representation of our partners in this project, who have participated in these debates", explains the mayor Isabel María Zapata. With a budget of almost 31,500 euros for the Las Torres municipality, this project is subsidised by almost 75% by the European Commission and also pursues other objectives. "Work is also being done to consolidate the role of local authorities in the promotion of sports for all, increase the number of people and organisations involved in sports activities at the local level or promote a deeper understanding of how sport is seen and experienced in the municipalities ", explains the Councilor for Physical Activity and Sports Ginés Pérez.

The program was developed in the plenary hall of the local Consistory and began with the opening, which was run by Zapata and Pérez. The first presentation was given by José Serna, Professor and Head of the Department of Physical Education of the IES 'Salvador Sandoval, and was entitled' Sports Meetings of the schools of Las Torres de Cotillas'. Antonio Brao, member of the Assembly of the Spanish Federation of Badminton, secretary of the Federation of Badminton of the Region of Murcia and coach and judge of the sport, was in charge of talking about 'Badminton, a sport for all, with tradition and rooted in Las Torres de Cotillas'.

'Tennis school in Las Torres de Cotillas' was the talk given by Alejandro Sánchez, doctor in Sports Science, professor in the Faculty of Sports Sciences of the University of Murcia and national tennis professor, and Alberto Serrano, a graduate in Sciences of Physical Activity and Sports and a master's degree in teaching.

Then, Bartolo Gómez and Marina Martínez, responsible for the departments of Public Health and Environment of Las Torres City Council, talked about 'Healthy Itineraries'.

The Association for the Integration of People with Disabilities (CEOM) was the protagonist of the following presentation, entitled 'Environmental projects developed in Las Torres de Cotillas' and after which the mayor made a symbolic delivery of balls of life to the representatives of Tábua for the reforestation of Tábua municipality.

Then came the talk 'The network of trails of the municipality of Las Torres de Cotillas: a commitment to health and heritage', given by Lázaro Giménez, president of Natursport, technician of Pathways FEDME and member of the Advisory Board of the Scientific Committee of the mountains. Finally, the 'Charter of Services of the Department of Sports of the City of Las Torres de Cotillas' was the presentation that closed this event, given by José García, administrative of this municipal area, and Rosa Cabrera, administrative of the municipal department of Planning and Internal Communication.