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Las Torres de Cotillas 5th Activity "Zumbaila" (03/12/17)

'Zumbaila'. That was the title of the fifth activity of the European project 'Do-U-Sport', which took place in Las Torres de Cotillas on the morning of last Sunday, December 3. A day of dance organized by the Department of Youth, Physical Activity and Sports in the 'Parque de la Emisora', with the collaboration of 'Brodguay Performing Arts',' Vicky Fitness & Mind ',' Datuca ',' Academia de Danza Víctor Campos ',' Kimera ',' State Sport Group Las Torres' and 'Diamoray Jamouray'. "Zumba is an emerging sport, fun and constantly expanding, a fitness discipline that is fashionably focused on the one hand to maintain a healthy body and on the other to develop, strengthen and give flexibility to the body through dance movements combined with a series of aerobic routines, "says the councilor of the area, Ginés Pérez.



 Las Torres de Cotillas 'Roller-Skating' Activity announced on City Hall Webpage


Será el próximo domingo 24 de septiembre y tendrá como lema ‘Desarrollando valores de educación vial’

15/09/17 – El próximo domingo 24 de septiembre Las Torres de Cotillas vivirá una ‘Jornada sobre ruedas’, en el marco del proyecto europeo 'Do-U-Sport'. Organizado por la Concejalía de Actividad Física y Deportes, este evento -que cuenta con el lema ‘Desarrollando valores de educación vial’ comenzará a las 10 horas con una ruta urbana que saldrá desde el polideportivo municipal. “Están citados todos los deportistas que desarrollen disciplinas sobre ruedas, como bicicletas, patines, patinetes, monopatines, carricoches, etc.”, señala el concejal del área, Ginés Pérez, que señala que están excluidos de la convocatoria los vehículos motorizados.

Una hora después los participantes volverán al polideportivo municipal (11 horas) para participar en una práctica de educación vial impartida por agentes de la Policía Local y por voluntarios del cuerpo local de Protección Civil. “Esta propuesta forma parte de las actividades deportivas gratuitas en familia que cada mes vamos a celebrar con este proyecto, en el que los participantes recibirán regalos, obsequios y premios”, explica el edil, que recuerda que entre las personas que participen en todos estos eventos y sellen debidamente su pasaporte deportivo “se sorteará un viaje a Portugal con todos los gastos pagados”.

Proyecto europeo

El proyecto europeo 'Do-U-Sport' del programa Erasmus+ tiene como principal objetivo es explorar el papel de las autoridades locales en la promoción del deporte como una actividad para todos, libre de barreras. En esta iniciativa, que comenzó el pasado mes de enero y se alargará hasta diciembre de 2018, Las Torres de Cotillas participa en colaboración con los municipios de Tábua (Portugal) y Mielec (Polonia). Con un presupuesto de casi 31.500 euros para el municipio torreño, este proyecto viene subvencionado en casi un 75% por la Comisión Europea.

“Consolidar el papel de las autoridades locales en la promoción de deportes para todos, aumentar el número de personas y organizaciones involucradas en actividades deportivas a nivel local o promover una comprensión más profunda de cómo se ve y se vive el deporte en los municipios son otros de los objetivos de este proyecto que ya está en marcha”, explica Pérez.



 Traditional Kites, Protagonists of the European Project 'Do-U-Sport? in Las Torres de Cotillas

  Las Torres City Hall participates in this project with the municipalities of Tábua (Portugal) and Mielec (Poland)

Parents, children and grandfathers entertain themselves together with a traditional hobby.That was the spirit of the fourth edition of the 'Build and Fly Your Kite', held in Las Torres de Cotillas, this time under the European project 'Do-U-Sport'. Divided in two parts, this workshop first counted in the morning in the municipal pavilion 'Mireia Belmonte' with the part in which its participants learned to make their own flying artifact. "There was a great turnout and we counted on the collaboration of several volunteers", explains the Councilor of Physical Activity and Sports, Ginés Pérez.  

In the afternoon, the workshop, celebrated on 21st of August 2017, moved to the municipal natural grass pitch. There a hundred of older and younger participants had a great time, enjoying the good weather and the good conditions to fly their kites.

The European Project

The main aim of the European project' Do-U-Sport' of the Erasmus+ programme is to explore the role of local authorities in promoting sport as an activity for all, free of barriers. In this initiative, which began last January and will last until December 2018, Las Torres de Cotillas participates in collaboration with the municipalities of Tábua (Portugal) and Mielec (Poland). With a budget of almost 31,500 euros for the municipality, this project is subsidized by almost 75% by the European Commission.

"Consolidating the role of local authorities in promoting sports for all, increasing the number of people and organizations involved in sports activities at the local level or promoting a deeper understanding of how sport is seen and experienced in municipalities are other objectives of this project that is already underway,"explains Pérez.




  Municipal Magazine - “Mielec”

About the European project “Do-U-Sport?” in Mielec is louder and louder. The further information on the project was presented in our Municipal Magazine - “Mielec” in the April issue. The magazine is being issued by the Mielec City Hall in the circulation of 2500 copies. It was distributed to the Mielec inhabitants, local companies, culture institutions, schools, etc.





Las Torres de Cotillas, home of the 'Troféo Malvariche' mountain bike orienteering.

This weekend the municipality hosts this event, valid as the second day of the regional league of this sport discipline

20/04/17 - Next weekend (22nd and 23rd April) the 'Troféo Malvariche 2017' will be held in Las Torres de Cotillas, valid as the second official test of the 'Circuito del Sureste CS MTB 2017', the league Regional mountain bike orientation (MTB). An event organized by the club "Malvariche", in collaboration with the Orienteering Federation of the Region of Murcia (FORM) and the Department of Physical Activity and Sports Torreña. The competition was presented Thursday,20th of April at the City Hall of Las Torres de Cotillas in an event chaired by the town councillor of the area, Ginés Pérez, and the president of the club, Antonio Ors.

"This trophy will consist of two events, the sprint on Saturday afternoon and the long distance on Sunday morning," said Pérez, who points out that "this is the first time Las Torres de Cotillas hosts an official competition event and a high number of participants is expected as it is scoring for the Spanish Championship to be held next May in Molina de Segura.”

As a fringe to this great day of sports on Saturday morning, a 'Course of Initiation to the Orientation in Mountain Bike' will be held at Torreño Youth Hostel. "Its objective is to teach and make known this modality to all who are interested", emphasizes the town councillor.

Nine events

This regional league has a total of nine events in both men's and women's categories. The first was on February 26th (Albudeite), the third and fourth will be on May 20th (Cartagena), the fifth on May 21st (Coto de los Cuadros, Murcia), the sixth on June 3rd (Hellín, Albacete), the seventh on June 11th (Avilés, Lorca), the eighth on June 18 (Sierra del Molino, Calasparra) and the ninth and last on November 12th (Yéchar, Mula).

"The 'Malvariche' is a group of friends, lovers of orientation and cycling, respectful of the environment who enjoy life overcoming challenges and adventures," says Ors.

Cycling with European partners

The Torreño Councilor for Physical Activity and Sports has taken advantage of the presentation of this sporting event to advance one of the star activities that his area works in the framework of the European project 'Do-U-Sport' for the coming year.

"We will celebrate an urban route by bicycle, as it is undoubtedly one of the best activities in which we can enjoy healthyly and in family in our town," explains Pérez, who recalled that in this project work in collaboration with the municipalities Of Tábua (Portugal) and Miélec (Poland). "The terrain of our land is very flat, with hardly any unevenness and we have a great diversity of landscape that joins the urban center to all districts, combining areas of orchard and field with others steeper by the surroundings of the Rambla Salada or the Porrón ", emphasizes the town councillor.


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