Mielec Workshop


 The past 7th of June the municipality of Mielec (Poland) organised the Do-U-Sport Workshop in which both the Project and Just Try It were presented to the Local Agents. Here is the call sheet announcing the event:

International DO-U-SPORT program? - Sports for everyone!

International project "DO-U-SPORT?" Is entering the next phase. On June 7th, a workshop will be held in the session hall of the Mielec City Hall, during which the project assumptions will be presented in detail. Participants will be representatives of the Mielec sports clubs and associations, physical education teachers from the Mielec schools, employees of the Municipal Sports and Recreation Center, representatives of the office and people interested in joining the project. The project coordinators will tell, among other things, about planned 12 city sports events, present the plans and plans for each event and promote each event. An important part of the workshop will be the development of a mutual cooperation plan using the experience of local sports leaders. Three cities are involved in the international venture: Mielec, Las Torres de Cotillas in Spain and Tábua in Portugal.

Workshops will take place on 7 June (Wednesday) 13.00 in the session hall of the City Hall.

All interested are invited to fill out the survey. The survey includes 15 questions on physical culture and your sports preferences. The study will allow us to explore the needs and expectations of sport-related mielczan. Thank you for completing the survey and for taking the time.

We give below the link to the survey.

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