Las Torres Second Activity: "Roller-Skating"

The municipality of Las Torres de Cotillas has lived a 'Journey on wheels' on the morning of Sunday 24 September, within the framework of the European project 'Do-U-Sport'. Organized by the Department of Physical Activity and Sports, this event - celebrated under the motto 'Developing values ​​of road education' - has had hundreds of participants who have met to participate in an urban route from the sports center municipal. "We wanted to have athletes of disciplines on wheels, such as bicycles, skates, scooters, skateboards, carriages, etc., excluding motor vehicles," said the councilor of the area, Ginés Perez.

At the end of this tour through the streets of the town, participants have returned to the municipal sports center to participate in a road education practice given by Local Police agents and volunteers of the local Civil Protection body. To conclude the event there has been a raffle, drawing gifts donated by the sponsors of the day.

"In this new day we wanted to join the campaign of the 'European Mobility Week', in order to raise awareness among citizens in the use of clean, environmentally friendly and healthy transport, which helps to reduce pollution and energy consumption, "Pérez adds.


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